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    This is a quick video I recorded of a newly composed etude that was used for the all county violin auditions last month. I took some inspiration from Michael and others here and was trying to help out a new orchestra teacher whose primary instrument is trumpet better teach her students how to approach this audition piece. I apologize for the intonation issues. I am primarily a violist and sometimes my third and fourth fingers go sharp as I’m used to wider spacing on a viola. Anyway, i welcome your feedback in terms of both my playing, and my approach to teaching the piece.

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    William Bickerstaff

    A lesson to boot! Thanks!

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    Joanna Johnson

    Your technique is very good! I don’t have many suggestions. I couldn’t see your bow hold very well, but when I did it looked like your thumb was straight (It is hard to see from that angle whether it was or not). Try keeping it bent, that will help you connect the bow into the string better. I thought your instruction was good! It would make more sense to someone looking at the sheet music. On the shift, I would recommend using the 2nd finger as your guide note, rather than the 1st finger. Instead of going down the the one, just shift the 2 up to a B.
    Good job! Thanks for posting!

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