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    Priscilla Gaskins

    I know everyone has different views- that is good I think- but here are a few things based on my opinion- you don’t have to agree just give me your opinion and together we can help each other
    1. I in my opinion violin is the hardest I have learned- I can’t say it is the hardest instrument because I only play two others- piano and flute
    2.I get very frustrated with myself because I think as an adult I should progress faster! And age wise time is running out before I complete it. Am learning a lot from my teacher not to expect perfection- just realize the progress I have made since last year! And also as older people our muscles have to be retrained – not like a child whose muscle memory is more relaxed
    3i used to think I had to practice long periods every day but am amazed that it is not how long you practice but the quality
    4. In my opinion music is simply amazing and the composers were either geniuses or crazy! Sometimes in some ofBeethovens pieces I think he had to have been having a psychotic moment!
    4 in my opinion we never quit learning- it is so amazing to take a piece of music and really read it- how evert
    Y single mark means something and blends in with the rest to make beautiful music – without one mark or section the music would not be complete
    It is too bad that in our society today we can’t work together like a piece of music to find harmony

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