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    Kay Chang

    What contributes the most to getting a good sound from a violin?

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    Michael Sanchez

    Good question Kay! Actually have a very good video that I think would help anybody interested in avoiding tension which is the number one cause of unclean sound. Check out the video which is right here on the site called “How do you create a clear sound across the strings?”

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    Laurie Trlak

    Maintaining a straight bow with even pressure or weight on the string from frog to tip is crucial. Which led me to write the following, as problems with my right hand caused by MS are presenting quite a challenge for me:

    A Violinist’s Lament

    Violinist’s Lament

    Hey diddle diddle, I tried to play my fiddle
    But my right hand shook though it shouldn’t
    I tried to make my left hand shake but no matter how I tried
    I couldn’t free it from my fiddle and it wouldn’t

    Oh how I try to make that fiddle sing
    But its sounds are as sweet as a cat’s
    Some would even say, cruel as it may,
    That a cat sounds better than that!

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    Priscilla Gaskins

    I went to visit Michael today and he helped me with some bowing! Also got a new violin!!

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    Fiddler 927 I love your poem!

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