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    If you can get hold of a keyboard buddy to play for you, try jamming with just the two of you. Having a repeated chord structure and being with just one other person lets you relax a little and get past the horror of making mistakes or having nothing to play. Time slows down and the music flows. Then start upping the numbers and the pressure!

    Also very good is just weebling away over music on your own, put on a playlist and go.

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    Johanne Aube

    Hope I can jam some day… Looks like so much fun!

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    I have been to a lot of jams but the ones I go to you take turns leading, there are a lot of vocalists. Normally there is a core group of back up players, usually a piano, base and a guitar. I don’t play on the others turns and if I do it’s quietly. I will play breaks if given them though.

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    I also have trouble with jamming. Learned too much by sight reading and not enough ear!

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    Hey there! Interesting replies, and helpful. I played with a fiddle group during high school, along with orchestra. The fiddling stopped during college with more focus on solo repertoire and orchestra. It wasn’t until after college that even attempted to jam or improvise at a performance level. My first attempt was with a local group, and I felt extremely insecure! I went home and watched some YouTube videos, and searched for some backtrack videos. You can easily play along and experiment with different keys. I think experience/familiarity with the song is truly key-as well as confidence in yourself. I have been performing regularly these days, and though I still get butterflies, it’s always a great experience. We meet every Tuesday, and it’s 2 guitars, a tin whistle, drums, and myself. We do some originals, Damien Dempsey, Waterboys tunes, Irish traditional tunes. I will admit-the Irish tunes are probably the most difficult for me, because of the rhythm and the structure of the songs.

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    Christie Morehouse

    I am having a hard time in jams. Thanks for the encouragement & the tips. I will be brave

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    I try to also watch the guitarist, if there is one, since I can recognize some of the chords.????

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    Christie Morehouse

    Playing confidently in a jam is my dearly held wish!

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    I posted a question under fiddling and trying to figure out melodies. Hopefully someone will post an answer to the question which I think will help me as I get the courage to take my fiddle to one of our jams.

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