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    Carmen Rodriguez

    Last Thursday Nov 5/15 , I called Michael after I read and revived email with information about the plan of rent to own he is offered; to day about two hours ago I got the Surprise!!.. “My Tia Bruna” arrived!!!! yayyy!!….. I opened the box and also the very well wrap case, and the first thing I notice was the inside case, it come with a nice black and beige velvet/satin colors and also with a hygrometer to measure the dryness or humidity of it.
    The Tia Bruna Violin is and sound Beautifully. I just try it for a few minutes and I am in love with it……… Thank You very Michael and all of your company to give all of us this opportunity…….

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    Michael Sanchez

    So glad to hear this Carmita! For those of you that want to check out the Tia Bruna on my Superior Violins website, here is a link: This is my top quality intermediate violin.

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    I’m happy to hear how much you love yours. I just ordered a Tia Bruna too and can’t wait to try it out. Squee!

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    It is a wonderful violin. I might think of getting one in a few years.

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    I just read the review on the website and watched the video. You should do it for all your violins as it makes it much easier to appreciate the quality of the violins!

    The Tia Bruna does sound wonderfull – especially the lower registers…. and in now way like an intermediate instrument.

    Hmm…. something to consider.

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