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    Ohai! My name is Victoria, but at home they call me Tori, and at school they call me… Well, anything from Vivi to Blue. Call me whatever you like, as long as it isn’t rude!~ I’m 19 and from Texas!
    A little bit about myself: I’m obsessed with all things owl, Rainbow Dash or k-pop! Hobbies include singing, drawing, making jewelry, and–hopefully soon–playing the violin!
    I’m completely new to the violin! I’m a blank slate! I’ve had friends who learned to play the violin solely because they’d rather take orchestra than choir in school, which is what I did. All of my siblings played an instrument at one point or another, but I haven’t. I’m glad that I wasn’t forced to learn to play an instrument as a child, but now I want to learn how to play the violin.
    This desire was mostly sparked by people like Lindsey Stirling, Junsung Ahn and my friend Wei, but that may or may not be relevant. x{D

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