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    Laura Melis

    I wasn’t going to do this and just linger in the shadows…
    I’m not aspiring to be a classical musician so I feel a little out of place. Just practiced my first Etude..(?) Yesterday and can barely read notes. However, I inherited a fiddle that was found in my great Uncle’s roof space. It had been there, likely for 50 years. My cousin threw it in the trash. The finger board was missing. I had it restored and found out it was actually my great-great Uncle’s. I love music, but never had a chance to explore it, not even in school as a kid. We couldn’t afford an instrument and the small country school I went to didn’t teach piano, guitar or violin anyways. So here I am as an old crusty adult, just breaking into my 50’s and trying to learn music. I have picked up the guitar 10 years ago and play with vocals. Not stellar at it, but it’s fun.
    Goal: To play some folk, ballads and Irish style music. The gang I play with already have 4 pretty awesome guitar players, so I would love to contribute something different, and I love the violin…wonder if their ears will survive it…

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    Dianne Adkins

    Hey Laura! You are in good company here! And I wanted to tell you, it may be a surprise to learn, your story of finding a family violin in the attic and starting to learn music over age 50 is a common theme! If it were a song, we’d all know it well! Don’t feel shy around here. We’re not all judge-y and critical. We help each other and learn from each other. I want to encourage you, if you have Facebook, to join one or all of Michael’s violin learning groups, especially the Adult Learners group.



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    Hey Laura!

    I think it’s really cool that you’re learning! It’s never too late to learn new music. I love Irish folk music, and actually grew up playing it, so that’s really cool!

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    Kenneth Branton

    50 is not to late to start. I am 62 and just starting and love it. You have found a great place to start here.
    Have fun with it.

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    Kevin DeSilva

    Hi Laura,

    I am 53 and just starting also … check out the videos with Michael’s Grandpa who is still playing at 91 years!!! – Grandpa Sanchez is just cool!!

    Also, I really enjoyed the introductory story about your Violin … what a wonderful history!

    Many Blessings on your Journeys <3

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    Laura Melis

    Thanks guys. I will look up the recommended facebook site. 🙂
    I’ve named my violin Uncail, which is irish for Uncle. My grandmother was full blooded Irish and played the keys, guitar and banjo. She died when I was four years old of cancer. My music quest is in her honor.

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    So glad you decided to post! I too was just going to linger in the shadows but then I read your post and it gave me courage to come out here and say hello!… So Hello! Congrats on finding your way back to music!

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    I started playing violin while I was working in Montana. I live in Florida now, but I’ve been all over Montana. It’s such a great place. Welcome!

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    Nan Volinsky

    As long as it’s fun for you! That is awesome. My practice sessions have not been so fun as they feel more like torture. I hope to get over it and get back to just fun fiddling!

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