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    William Bickerstaff

    My name is William and I started playing the violin in 1965 and played throughout my school years. After I graduated from high school (1974) I joined the US Navy and, of course, I took my fiddle with me.
    During my time in the US Navy I came into contact with other musicians and became interested in jazz and blues improvisation. Some of us formed a jazz/blues group and we played in several cities in the far east (Japan, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, etc.). In 1986 my fiddle got crushed during an accident and my neck and spine were injured and I went through a bit of physical therapy, but I was unable to hold a violin and play it without a great deal of discomfort, so I gave it up until, in 2014, I decided to try it again… and I could do it.
    With lots of practice I was able to start playing jazz and blues music and started playing other music too.
    So, today, I play with a local jazz/rock/blues group weekly (The Monday Night Band) and have played with other groups on tour to the Gulfport, MS area.
    In my private practice at home I work on scales, arpeggios and work on classical/baroque/romantic violin pieces, as well as modern violin music.

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    Hi William, it must be horrible not to be able to play the violin because of an accident… How courageous of you that you started to play the violin again! I hope you keep enjoying it!!

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    Michael Sanchez

    Hey Will, welcome to the community! Hope to inspire you to continue to learn and improve your skills! We have a great community growing here on the site. I hope to have you as a part of the family! Thanks for posting an introduction of who you are! 🙂

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