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    Michael Sanchez

    Don’t have a lot of time to practice? Check out my blog article “Learn How to Practice Violin Effectively in Less Time.” Enjoy!

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    William Bickerstaff

    I have time to practice… I find other excuses though. Practice usually wins the argument.

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    Kevin DeSilva

    Thank you for this, Michael!

    I do aim to practice every day! … However, the reality of my job as a long haul truck driver sometimes has me ending the day late and too exhausted to put fingers to strings – so, the physical practice happens about 4-6 days per week about a half hour at a time …. at the moment.

    If I find myself in such a situation where I am too exhausted to practice, I will read from Fiddle for Dummies or from the Suzuki Method Book 1 …. I am beginning this journey knowing nothing so, there is everything to learn! ….. so, you see, no matter what I do at this point, it is a learning moment! …. Isn’t that cool!! …. with your wisdom and that of the other teachers here, I am very aware of each and every motion (I am a “here and now” or “present moment” sort of person) ….. bow bounces and bow grip, left hand position and fingers high, angles of left fingers, posture, parallel to the bridge, etc., etc. … I may not get everything just right all the time (hahaha) but am mostly aware of when something is incorrect and strive to correct it.

    I very often do not have an internet connection for extended periods while on the road so reading is another way I learn … it’s not fast but it is steady and I love the “ah hah” moments!

    In the back of the Suzuki Method book, I am learning about many musical symbols which appear on sheet music … it’s wonderful! … I am finally understanding a little about what such things mean and this makes me so very happy! …. I am a long way from reading music but am piecing it together as best I can.

    Not wanting to make this to long, I will summarize … there is a LOT more to say!

    As with a great many things I have done in life, I find that a positive attitude and a sincere love for what I am doing is the secret ….. I am sincerely grateful in each and every moment …. I absolutely love every moment that has anything to do with the Violin … I make many mistakes and do not sound like Anne Akiko Meyers or Itzack Perlman yet (hahaha) but that is wonderful too!

    I have no destination in mind, my Brother …. I am in love with the journey … one day, I will be worthy of the beautiful Ming you have for me – in the interim, she and I will dance to the music of happiness.

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    Christie Morehouse

    I know I have to allow more time to practice, instead of squeezing it in

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    I, too, want to devote more time to practice. i love every moment with my violin, and to me it has personality and character almost like a person! I always called it ‘my baby’ and i noticed that it is easier to get closer to this wonderful personality of many voices when i determine to get at least a little of efficient practice every day!

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    Thank you! This really helped! Being a bust college student, l sometimes have a hard time finding time to practice!

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    Thank you! Practicing is so important and I just have to make time for it.

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    Excellent article! Great motivation for me to start right away 🙂

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    I’m looking forward to having a violin to practice on again. For now watching the videos to remember what I once knew and fill in the gaps in my knowledge that I didn’t know we’re there will have to suffice. The videos on vibrato are particularly helpful. That was an area of playing that I needed to master to advance my playing but was too tense, I now realize, to do it well. The videos brake down the elements so that I feel hopeful that I could make progress.

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    Daniel Ware

    Thanks for the post

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