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    Michael Sanchez

    Do you have a set routine when you practice? How often do you try to practice every day?

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    I do not have a set routine, I need to set one….I do practice everyday and try to practice a minimum of 30 minutes.

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    I practice around 4-5 hours a day… It’s NOT all in one time… It’s just throughout the day!

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    I practice about 1-1/ to 2 hours a day because I play in three orchestras, take lessons and play with a quartet or some duets from time to time. Once in a while I take a day or two off and then the cycle starts again.

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    I have a great teacher now that assigns scales, etudes, and then pieces from Suzuki. The scales use various bowing and articulations. etudes are out of Wohlfarht easiest elementary method, but sure seem more than elementary! I am on #’s 85 and 86.

    When I practice I start with scales or etudes to warm up and then move to Suzuki or other pieces. My average practice time is 1.5 hours, and much more on the weekends when I can really devote time and concentration.

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    My schedule often determines how much I can practice. I like to do at least two hours every day, but three is better when I can squeeze it in. I start off with 30-45 minutes of scales and then practice my pieces.

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    Ladbrooke Bomeke

    I’ve been doing about two hours a day during the mid week. I took the practice quiz thing and scored eighty which is great but there’s obviously room for more improvement. After watching a few videos from you I’m going to try and bring it down to an hour a day. I typically would spend an hour on technique and then play as many songs musically as I could, which usually takes another hour.

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    Danny Block

    Anywhere from 15 minutes to 3-4 hours. I jump out during the workday sometimes.

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    Brooksley Mihoch

    About 45 min to an hour. I have warm-ups, etudes, scales and technique. Then I practice orchestra music, solos then something fun.

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    2 hours to 4 hours. Depending on my freetime.

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