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    Hello everyone! I was just wondering how long all of you are spending on strictly technical drills, warmups and pieces from suzuki books/or similar VS music you would like to learn to play. I typically spend about 30 minutes on the technical side and then about an hour to an hour and a half working on pieces I want to play.

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    I work on about 15 minutes on technique and about 15 on a song I want to play, but that usually brings me around to working on technique a bit more again, as I am a new learner.

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    I work on technique about 2/3 to 3/4 of my practice time. I need to improve vibrato and relearn intonation and muscle memory to play the music that I like in a way that I enjoy.

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    Suzanne Cox

    Sounds like you guys are doing some great practicing! Keep it up! Warming up with the technical stuff is definitely good. I’ve seen students progress the best when they learn to enjoy practicing scales, etudes, and technique. Especially if you are already good at reading music. I like hearing you talk about muscle memory, MusicloverK, focusing there will make for some efficient practice sessions for sure.

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    I appreciate your encouragement. After a 48 interval since I last played violin, it is hard to not be impatient to regain skills I once had. Almost 5 years of piano helped me realize that I hadn’t forgotten everything, though, and have the courage to try again. It is healing.

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    Right now, technique is taking up the majority of my practice time. I usually practice about 45 minutes. About 20 minutes is spent on scales, drills, and exercises. About 15 to 20 is spent on working on things in the book. The rest of the time is spent on practicing a performance piece. There are times I do more on the last part, but I always start with scales. It doesn’t feel like a good practice if I don’t get those in. Of course, I’m still a beginner, so that will change.

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    Kevin Phillips

    I spend about 20 minutes on technique, and play as long as I like.

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