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    Priscilla Gaskins

    I can practice piano for hours without getting tired and also flute but with the violin after 15 I feel exhausted- The longest I have practiced at one time has been 45min. I wonder why violin does that- is it because you are using so much of your body and mind?

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    I also can practice piano without getting tired longer than violin. I do better with several short sessions on both, but my violin sessions are shorter than piano!

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    Just going through music, I can play for a couple of hours. With doing etudes and scales. I am ready for a break in 45 minutes.

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    I practice for one hour to one and a half hour everyday. My shoulders start to get sore after that 🙁

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    Violin tends to be more physically demanding than other instruments for the upper back, shoulders, and arms. If you try holding your arms up without the violin, you’ll see that it is difficult to keep them up there for long periods of time! Like any other physical activities, it takes time to build up the strength to play for longer sessions. However, it is always better to practice for shorter periods of time and more frequent sessions.
    Just be careful if you are feeling sore after practicing. This could be a sign that you are too tense and could eventually lead to injuries.

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    I injured my back when I was 18 and ever since then I can’t stay sitting on a piano bench for much longer than 45 minutes, so it discourages me in piano practice. Violin however, as long as I’m practicing while standing up, I can play for however many hours I want to. Keep in mind this is probably because I have played for about 20 years. Everyone else stick with it; with enough time and practice you will get to the same point.

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    Laurie Trlak

    I will typically practice for three hours at a stretch, starting with scales, then etudes (usually Kreutzer), and then I finish with a piece or two. I try to make my practices as focused as possible. It really helps to get in the “zone,” because then you don’t even notice the passage of time!

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    Laurie Trlak

    Standing up is of course the ideal position for playing (unless you’re playing with an ensemble), but unfortunately I am no longer to stand while practicing because MS has damaged my sense of balance. It would be a lot easier if I could stand, for the simple reason that sitting is hard on my back.

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    Because i’m so lazy i practise 2hours 4 times a day

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    Etakon Israel

    I can practise for more than an hour without getting tired

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