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    I haven’t started playing, yet, but have been following along the site for a while. I used to play piano in middle school, high school, and college (when I started falling away from playing), but have always loved the violin. When I began music classes in middle school, my school didn’t have an orchestra, though, so I opted for piano, which I adore. 🙂

    Anyway, I’ve been listening to some of the instruments via the contest page, and when I played the video with the Wojciech Topa violin, my cat started meowing at me—not the “I just killed something and everyone needs to know about it” meow, but a curious, dare I say appreciative meow. 😀 So that was cool.

    But that made me wonder what are the reactions of your pets? Do your dogs howl along? Do your kitties scatter for fear or do they treat you like the Pied Piper? Does anyone have birds? How do your pets react to your violin playing?

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    For a while, I had a wonderful sheltie chihuahua mix. If I was really struggling with something she would snort. Sometime if I was playing something really high on the e-string, she would actually start howling. Most of the time, she would fall asleep on my feet.

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    “Most of the time, she would fall asleep on my feet.” Oh, that’s fantastic… :3 I love her little attitude!

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    Priscilla Gaskins

    Hi, my first dog used to lay near my feet when I played piano. Then my Brittany Spaniel used to howl when I practiced flute! I would have to shut her up in another room. Since then have had several more dogs and they sleep while I practice. The violin has never bothered any of them.

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    This was a great read. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    I have a rabbit and runs scared xD

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    My dog before would run. He is scared. But my dog right now would either watch me or sleep under me.

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    My dogs love it! My violins were stolen in the 1980’s and I hadn’t played for several years before that. I inherited a piano and was able to learn piano and found that I wanted to play violin again. When I got my violin and tuned it, the first thing I did was practice bowing on open strings. My dog began singing in tune with the sound! Not howling, something more like a cross between moaning and humming. I knew they liked my piano playing, but this surprised me, especially being the first time I’d played in almost 48 years. Now he sings when I’m playing in tune with my fingering. The other one comes running to be nearby when I play, too. This was such an encouragement that I was still able to bow well enough to produce a good sound after all those years.

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    Omg, Ginno, poor bunnies! 😀 And I love the singing puppies! You should definitely put that on YouTube—it might pay for a new set of strings or something. 🙂

    I wonder if experience level makes a difference for the pets, or if just having the sounds in their environment as they’re growing up makes the big difference. It still surprises me, either way, because of the sensitivity of dogs’ and cats’ hearing, and the violin being the highest pitched of the violin family.

    I kind of want to start playing just so I can test out my sibling’s pet turtle. 😀 Turtles are surprisingly affectionate and intelligent, if you didn’t know—they even recognize their humans, and will be happy for them when they return. :3 I wonder how birds enjoy it…

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    Laura Melis

    At first, my border-aussie would head for the basement. But if he’s in ear-shot, he doesn’t high-tail it anymore. Which could mean two things; I’ve gotten better or I’ve made him deaf…

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