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    When you look on the Internet there are so many to choose from with many different price points, etc. I know price alone is not necessarily the end all to be all, so how do you know a violin is a quality violin, that will last many many years?

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    Michael Sanchez

    Good question Tracye! Really it is all about finding a company that specializes in stringed instruments, and have confidence that they do a good job of quality of control. 75% of violins out there are made in China, so it is important that the company only ships out the best Chinese instruments that come there way. I’m an advocate of Chinese instruments, but you have to find ones that are good quality. Check out my article I wrote at about Chinese vs. European violins to learn more.

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    Michael i was curious if you have ever heard or played a ming jiang zhu i was curious if you would compare it your Elisa Damiano? i was interested in the 909 model but i am really just curious if you have ever tried any of their violins and what you think?

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    Michael Sanchez

    Hey Clark! The Ming Jiang Zhu is a heavily marketed violin that I have the ability to send out to customers as well. I played many of these instruments over the years from various students finding them and bringing them to lessons. In my opinion, the Ming Jiang Zhu isn’t as powerful as the Damiano, and many of my other students that have tried both came to the same conclusion. The Ming Jiang Zhu is not a bad instrument by any stretch of the imagination, but almost all of my try-before-you-buy customers have preferred the Damiano or Marina over the Ming Jiang Zhu. If you are interested, I could actually send you both instruments (or even all three) for you to try, so you can compare and see for yourself. Feel free to give me a call on my cell phone if you are interested in the try-before-you-buy program.

    Michael Sanchez
    CEO | Violin Tutor Pro
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    Newbie ..

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    karen l

    How do you know what type of violin you own? My parents bought me mine two years ago and recently, I’ve been trying to discover what mine is called

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    Everyone starts somewhere, KangAri.

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    Q: How do you know a violin is a quality violin ?
    A: When it’s a Ming Jiang Zhu Artist Violin !

    << rim shot >>


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    When it costs more than your car

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    Suni Norman

    I can tell if its a crap violin by the varnish usually. Its a cheap color.

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