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    Michael Sanchez

    Wanted to ask all my violin learning program followers how things are going with lessons. Could you introduce yourself to the rest of the membership community? Let us know…

    1. How long you have been playing for.
    2. Where you are from.
    3. What your goals are on violin.

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    Grace DeLong

    Hello fellow violin enthusiasts!! I’m Grace DeLong from Ohio. I just started taking violin lessons in January of this year. Although it sure is a lot to learn and can be overwhelming at times, I am enjoying the experience of playing the violin! My goal is to make beautiful music and touch people’s lives through that music. I hope to someday play at my church, and maybe funerals and at nursing homes. Maybe I could even play at weddings!! I must add….Michael Sanchez has a wonderful thing going here, and it’s nice to know he’s there to help me along my violin learning journey.

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    Hi Michael!
    We’ve been chatting a while but I thought I’d introduce myself here too

    1) I’ve been playing for about 2 months, I only started in February 2016~ . I met a friend who plays the viola and he inspired me to pick up the violin! I play the guitar myself and know how to read music (treble clef, at least)
    2) Greetings from San Jose, CA! Originally from Malaysia though!
    3) I’m open to learning classical pieces. I recently discovered that Fiddle pieces can be fun too! (it sounds happier, at least). I’m learning the Swallowtail Jig for example.

    Hope to learn more from you soon!

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    Hello everyone! I am Angel Cole, in southern Virginia. I started playing viola in January 2015. I have extensive music background, but not with strings. I started piano lessons at age 5 (I am 44) and continued through high school. I played clarinet in elementary school and then moved into percussion in middle school, where I remained, playing in marching units. jazz bands and concert bands, as well as one season with a drum and bugle corps. I play in the orchestra in college. After that, I was working and did nothing with music other than play Christmas carols for my family.

    I am teaching myself the viola with very sparse help from my son who is a violin major. My goal is to someday at least be at an intermediate level so that I can find adult amateur orchestras and chamber groups to play with. I love to play in ensembles. However, for now I am just trying to solidify basic technique and just enjoy playing. I went to an adult string camp last month and was introduced to some fiddling, so I’d like to venture there someday, too.

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    Valorie Bakker

    Hi. I am Valorie from Harrisville, Michigan. I started learning to play the violin this past January. Being 66 years old presents its challenges, but I look forward to time spent on violin. It is keeping my mind sharp, and my arthritic fingers moving. My niece began learning to fiddle in her thirties. She came down with ovarian cancer, and has since passed away. I have her violin, and want to be able to play simple pieces in her memory. I currently live in a sparsely populated area, and came across this website. It has offered tips and encouragement. I am making slow, but steady progress. My goals are simple: learn basic note reading, and to play a variety of music styles. Fiddle music fascinates me, as well as classical.

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