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    How do you determine when to use the higher positions on the A, D, and G string? Does music ever come with suggested fingerings or is it mainly trial and error and personal preference on those strings?

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    Scott Adams

    Some music does call for it (ie. sul G), but mostly the choice has more to do with ease of playing. For instance, if a passage has me crossing over between D and A a lot, oftentimes I’ll choose to stay in third position so it can be handled within on handspan on the D.

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    Thanks for info.

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    I played some in 3rd position when I was younger, but couldn’t remember about the music markings. It’s been so long ago, some marks unique to violin I remembered that they existed, but not what they were!

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    Sometimes roman numerals are used to signify the position (II= second position), but other times roman numerals can mean play all the notes on a certain string (IV=G, III=D etc.). Most of the time it’s just numbers that represent fingers and it’s your job to know on which string it’s referring to. Often times these fingerings were added in by an editor and it’s up to you whether to follow them, or make up your own fingerings.

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    Laurie Trlak

    Yes that’s one of the annoying things about learning a new piece – not knowing whether the Roman numerals are referring to strings or fingers, lol! Fortunately fingerings, when they’re added by the editor, are usually done with Arabic numerals that are all familiar with.
    As you become more experienced you’ll develop an instinct for which finger to use in what position and on which string. One of the things that makes the violin such a beautiful instrument is that the same note can be played several different ways, depending on the character of the piece and the “color” you want to give it.

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    I will have to pay more attention to the music markings to see if there are any showing the higher positions since this has always been a mystery to me as well.

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