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    Hi everyone

    I have a pretty long neck and I’ve used the same shoulder rest for about 8years. I had to put extenders on it to make it higher but the problem I’m having with it now is that it moves around a lot. Any suggestions of brands to looks at? I like shoulder rests that you can adjust the angle of as well as the height.
    Thanks in advance!

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    The bon Musica is very popular for the long necked violinist haha. I use one myself. I didn’t like it at first, but it’s very adjustable and has good support on the shoulder. The Everest is also pretty good, but the bon musica has a lot more height adjustment.

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    I was going to say the Bon Musica as well. It’s very adjustable height-wise.

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    Dianne Adkins

    For stability and height adjustment options, I recommend the KUN Shoulder Rest to all my students. I use it myself as well. Here’s a picture of it:

    KUN Shoulder Rest

    I have tried the playonair, which is a sort of blow up cushion, but it’s very low. I have looked at the Bon Musica but I haven’t tried it. I notice it is generally 3 times more pricey than the KUN Shoulder Rest. It sort of looks like a ‘contraption’ lol. But if others have tried and used it with success, perhaps you will too.

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    I haven’t used a Kun model, but I’ve heard people like them. And yeah, the disadvantage to the Bon Musica is it’s shape, it’s a little difficult to fit into a case. But the curve for the shoulder is very secure and comfortable.

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    Wendy Moore

    I have a short neck but I still have discomfort playing without a shoulder rest , however it makes my instrument to high and it’s as low as it’ll go.

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    Hi all, thanks for all your replies. I’ve looked into my local music store supplies and they have both the kun and the Bon musica, which so far are looking the most appealing. I shall be going in and trying them out on my violin before I make any decisions of course.

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    Thanks for this info. I am currently using an Everest which isn’t bad, but I will check out the Kun and Bon Musica per your suggestions.

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    I have a long neck as well and I am 6 feet tall. I have tried both the Kun and the Bon Musica. I prefer the Kun, but it’s not perfect. I still have to lift my shoulder a little. The reason I did not like the BonMusica is because the padding is not as thick as the Kun, thus it cuts into the shoulder a little.

    I am about to try the Wolf Forte Primo Violin Shoulder Rest Violin and see if it works better. Details to follow soon..

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    The BonMusica is the best option I have found. Works great!

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