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    Richard Kovacik

    Name is Rick. Initially registered as Richard. Not sure why, I think violin always appeared formal to me but now I am simply Rick and happy to be part of the masses that love the music and very happy to be an adult learning to play this incredible instrument. 9 months in, own a respectable violin and bow, and recently found the perfect combination of shoulder and chin rest, no small thing as I discovered.

    Thanks to everyone who participates in the forum, for keeping me connected, grounded when frustration sets in, sharing your thoughts and experiences, keeping me focused on the passion. To Violin Tutor, Michael and his staff. huge thank you to all. Invaluable part of growing my new experience and passion.

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    Hi Rick! I’m in the Chcago area too and am working on creating connections between adult beginners in the Chicago area so that we can increase our opportunities for ensemble play. Check out the Adult Beginner Music Student Meetup
    i started!

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    Suzanne Cox

    Hi Rick! Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you here. You’re absolutely right, finding the perfect shoulder rest/chin rest combination can be a huge challenge. I’m glad you found something that is comfortable for you! The Violin, and classical music, world in general can seem a bit formal. I get a bit tired of it myself. 😉 We try to keep things more personal around here. Enjoy! See you around the forum!

    Violin Tutor Pro Teacher

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    Hello Rick nice to meet you. Hope you enjoy learning and sharing your experience.

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