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    Hey everyone. I just joined.
    Ill be getting my first violin on the 23rd, next Friday for my birthday. Ill be turning 26 in October and have never played an instrument in my life but have always been drawn to violins and am looking forward to starting to learn, finally. I wont be getting a violin from this site, unfortunately, and since Im not the one oaying at the moment (its a giftfrom my step father), I had a set budget to work with. But I decided which one I want to get from this site for when Iam ready to upgrade. I hope to join the lessons and all that. I came to thia site from the violin beginner group (I believe thats the name)

    Anyways, I look forward to learning everything I can and makin friends.

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    Suzanne Cox

    Welcome! How exciting to be getting a violin for your birthday!! Congratulations. I hope you really enjoy your violin journey. Let me know if you have any questions about the site, the lessons or anything else!

    I will be teaching some of the Group Classes we have available. I’m planning to start another Beginner Class in early October hopefully. Would love to have you join us!

    Have you check out the Learning Program yet? This is a great way to get started with your violin playing. The Group Class sessions will all be available within the membership area as well so that will be a great resource for you!

    Again, welcome! and I look forward to seeing you around the site.

    Suzanne Cox
    Violin Tutor Pro Teacher

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    Thanks for the welcome.
    Yes, I saw the learning thing, I hope to sign up soon. Right at this moment I cant figure out how to change my profile picture. It says you can do so on Gravatar, which I made an account for, but I cant figure it out.

    Edit: Oh! Ill keep an eye out for the lessons.
    My birthday is October 9th ^^ lol. Im excited that im getting the violin early.

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