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    Michael Sanchez

    I’m happy you put this video together! Your violin definitely sounds nasally to me, so I can see why you were interested in a new violin. The Damiano is definitely fuller than your current violin–without a doubt. It also has the brightest projection out of the three, and sounds very pure compared to your current violin. In my opinion, the Kowalski workshop has the warmest sound out of the three (and also has balanced projection), so I’m wondering if you prefer the warmer sound of the Kowalski or the brighter tone on the Damiano. The arpeggio you did at the end really showed the quality of the Kowalski–it sounded really great. I also really liked the color of the Kowalski, and that is what made me play it for so long before shipping it out to you. 🙂 Those are my thoughts! I am going to send a message to some of our close followers to also give you feedback, Jill.

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    Thank you for the feedback. I don’t know why I was so nervous doing this… I think I am leaning towards warmth but not entirely certain. Honestly, Mike and anyone else, do you think the quality of my playing, this video aside, is worthy of the Kowalski?

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    Dianne Adkins

    Round I:
    Ricardo Morro – Sweet, mellow but sounds somewhat limited (subdued) on lower end, very tight on the upper register. You’re really going to have to work to make this violin sing.
    Damiano – MUCH more projection, therefore potential for tone production and less effort to play. More out of the box sound compared to the Morro, which compared to Damiano its like the sound is inside the violin, not coming out as much as the Damiano. I would tend to try to play very heavy on the low end on the Morro and see if it could even have the capacity to project more or if it would distort sound/tone and pitch instead. Damiano is balanced and well open toned across all registers. It gives much more than the Morro for the same playing energy. And WOW, the upper end is AMAZING. It’s very hard to get projection beyond 5th position like that. The difference is not subtle between these two violins whatsoever.
    Kowalski Workshop – This violin is sweeter, and darker, but RICH like a dark chocolate. The sound just melts across the strings. It’s more forgiving than the Damiano, which would keep you honest with your technique but won’t hide a little nervousness or less skill in your playing. The Kowalski uplifts your playing skill by about 5 years instantly, to me. It cleans up any mess you unintentionally leave behind. (and we ALL leave a little mess, trust me)

    Round II:
    The Damiano booms with ringing tone in comparison to the constricted output of the Morro. There really is very limited tone color coming through on that first violin like the Damiano. With the Damiano I hear clarity, ringing, open sound. And it’s effortless. It reminds my of the rising bubbles in a good champagne. It pops, it’s clear, it has a lot more body. No offense to Old Faithful which has served you well, but in comparison it’s tone is flat.

    If you want more richness of tonal color with a little more sweetness (mellow tone) and forgiving playability than the ringy zingy clarity given by the Damiano, I’d go with the Kowalski, no question about it. I’ve commented on most of your other videos Jill, but if you want to talk more about your decision please feel free to email me at

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    Dianne Adkins

    Ah, so now we get to the real question. In short. YES. Your playing, and YOU are worthy, Jill. I know this kind of thinking because that voice lingers in my head all the time. I suffer depression. And it was really helpful to be understood. Years ago I talked to a really good counselor who listened to me spill my guts and my tears and my negative, defeated fears calmly, attentively and then simply replied, “It seems you’ve set these high standards for yourself and found you can’t meet them.” It was like he turned on the lights. My sadness and insecurity could be largely resolved by changing the way I was thinking. If I couldn’t meet these standards, what was the worst that could happen? In your case, perhaps it’s not depression but I do think it’s a little insecurity when you ask if your playing is worthy of a Kowalski. I’m here to tell you that is the wrong question, grasshopper. You are a precious being on a noble journey. What possible flaw in you makes you unworthy of the best possible equipment to succeed? If you question your worthiness, then you have only one thing to do. Decide that you are. Then, you ARE. No one can decide THAT but you.

    You are worthy

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    Lots to ponder above! I think I am still insecure and disappointed that my journey to recovery is incomplete after almost a year… I can acknowledge that I have made a great deal of progress; am just not where I wanted to be yet. I know my “old faithful” violin is not meeting my needs. Dianne, you hit the nail on the head! I don’t want to be held back, either by ongoing medical issues or by my own insecurities!!! I have two performances coming up, and I want to play to the best of my ability so that others will enjoy!

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    Suzanne Cox

    You gave some great variety of sound from the low register to high. When you played the Damiano the first time (with the scale) it sounded so nice! I really liked the tone you were getting there. It was a lot cleaner/purer tone than your old faithful violin. I have to say, I’m falling in love with that warm sound I hear from the Kowalski! It clearly stands out.

    When you played the songs on the Damiano (in your Getting to Know the Damiano videos), I remember feeling like you were getting a nice dark/rich sound. Now I’m hearing that more from the Kowalski. That is the tone that I really like. Mellow, warm, rich…whatever word you like to use to describe it! 🙂

    It is certainly worth investing in a nice quality instrument that complements your playing! Even if you were just playing for your own enjoyment, I think you should have a nice instrument. The violin is already difficult to play, if we can eliminate some bad tone by having a nice violin, I’m all for that! You will spend more time with the instrument, enjoy practicing more, and be able to focus your energy on the right techniques instead of wondering if it is just the instruments fault that you aren’t getting the sound you want.

    I agree with Dianne, the Kowalski really cleans up your playing significantly!!! I mean, it really compliments you! The Damiano does too, but not to the extent of the Kowalski.

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    Thank you, Suzanne. I appreciate your help with my decision and your perspective very much.

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    Kevin DeSilva

    My beautiful and amazing Jill,

    What a wonderful comparison! … Don’t worry about the nervousness …. I remember experiencing a similar thing when I first began with Public Speaking – you are amongst friends here <3

    There are great comments already here and I do not wish to restate what has already been suggested so beautifully but, I will re-examine a little in offering my own views.

    Life with a Voilin is a journey without destination …. a never ending journey of love shared.

    You have asked us to compare the Violins and they all have their own uniqueness …… to me, I prefer the richness and dark, velvety texture of the Kowalski’s Voice but we now get to my first suggestion:

    Each Violin has a unique Harmonic “Om” …. that Frequency should be in tune with the Harmonic of your own Heart. If this is not so, there will be discord and a sour relationship will result … and, soon, you will turn your back on that relationship.

    However, if the frequency of your heart and the Frequency of the Violin are in Harmony …… WONDERFUL things can happen!!!!!.

    So, my question to you is this: When you listen to your heart – what is it telling you? … Are you feeling a schoolgirl crush or are you feeling a Love as far reaching and deep as the Universe itself?

    Every now and again, a Special Violin will come into our lives …. we never know when this will happen but, when it does, we KNOW it deep down inside – within the deepest part of our Heart … with our Soul.

    Are you feeling this with one of these Violins? … If so, the answer is easy! ….. If not, that is ok too and we can approach this from another angle.

    Regarding your playing being worthy of the Kowalski …… I am about as rank of beginner as you could possibly imagine and I now live with a Ming-Jiang Zhu.

    Is my playing wothy of her beautiful voice … no, not at all ……. but, the Love that is generated when I think of her, or attempt to pull a few notes of Pachabel’s Canon out, is simply magical – I can think of no other word ….. she makes me want to be a better Violinist …. she makes me want to create beautiful sounds and dedicate them to Deity (as I see It) … She makes me want to be “better”.

    Through my eyes …. a Violin is not a possession or an instrument … she is a life partner … she is a vehicle of expression for the inner music of my Heart which has never found any other way to express itself …. her beautiful voice calms me and fills me with great Joy.

    So ….. to answer your question …… remembering that this how I would choose for myself ….

    I would choose the Kowalski as there is a much closer Harmonic resonance with the frequency of my own Heart …… no disrespect intended toward the Damiano which also has a wonderful Voice …. it’s just that the Kowalski touches me much more deeply due to the many and varied qualities of her Voice.

    Which one calls to you?……. Putting money aside and putting ability aside and personal challenges aside ….. which one is calling to you?

    Many Blessings upon your journey, my beautiful Sister.

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    That is so eloquently stated that I cried! I do so want to enhance my journey. When I watched and listened to my videos again last night, I could see more of a connection with the Kowalski and pleasure as I played her. If that aspect is paramount to my decision, I have reached a decision!

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