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    Mark Caouette
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    I’m new to this so I’ll let you know that I am a luthier up here in Blairsville, Ga. It is a full service shop that can handle anything from a half sized violin to a double bass (and anything in-between) Been in business since 2008. I do virtually everything “stringed instrument”. I handle anything from simple string changes up to a full-on custom guitar or dulcimer. I also do work on electric instruments too (sorry, no amps) I grew up playing since I was 11 and always fixed my own equipment (could’t afford a luthier) Then once people knew I did that stuff, more people came around so I’ve been doing this a long time I’m self taught (so far) on the Guitar,Violin and play around with a mandolin now and then. Any thoughts as what is pretty good on this sight? I’m very new and havn’t explored any yet.
    My name is Mark.


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    Welcome Mark! Check out the videos. There’s lots of good ones on this site and the Youtube channel.


    Chris Guleff
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    Glad to have you aboard, Mark! You might find some of the articles and videos on the instruments themselves interesting seeing as how you are a luthier. I also like the ones that concern musical history — very interesting. Please feel free to ask questions anytime.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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