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    Mark Bliss

    Hi Everyone!
    I’m Mark, and I have GAS! (Gear acquisition syndrome.)

    I collect, build and repair stringed instruments of many types, some very unusual. Occasionally I try to actually play a few…..
    I also have studied music theory, acoustics, the science of sound, recording and music production….. I fiddle (no pun intended) with electronics and I am currently deeply into Americana, Roots, and Bluegrass music. Fiddles, Banjo’s, Mandolins, Upright basses and anything related. I recently added a Cello to my collection and am currently carving a bridge and preparing to set it up with fresh strings. Look out world! LOL!

    While I am not currently taking in any new instrument repair work due to the backlog I currently have, I will be glad to try to advise on any Lutherie or other questions related to any of the above if I can.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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