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    Hi, I’m Thien Chan. I started playing the violin over 1 years ago and now I am self-taught. I subcribed to the newsletter from this site quite long ago, but I actually joined this forum since the contest. To my surprise, this forum is full of stories and lessons of people from diverse levels that inspire and inform me a lot. Especially, I find video feedback really helpful for a self-taught student like me. I received specific and constructive one every time I posted a video. Thankfully, Ms.Dianne, who accepts to teach me online through this forum, is not only professional but dedicated as well.
    I remember the first time I received email from this site 3 months ago, I replied one to Michael Sanchez. He replied after one day. He gave me detailed comments and sent me the whole CHAPTER 5 OF HIS BOOK: FIDDLE FOR DUMMIES. I’m very grateful for his generosity. I’ve watched every daily tips he sent me. Besides, I actively search lessons I need to notice on this website and youtube channel. They are great sources of techniques and experience.Last but not least, I’ve learned how to get in to a solid practice routine to form a firm foundation. I haven’t miss a day practice since then, however, I don’t have time to come back and earn entries following the practice routine challenge. Though, I follow every step he instructed and I see my self improve over time.
    Every journey begins with a single step. I’m enjoying my journey. Hope all of you will enjoy your journeys too.
    Best regards,

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    Welcome, Thein Chan! that is wonderful you can teach yourself the violin! you sound very dedicated to it! yes, this site is full of amazing stories all brought together through one thing common- a love of all things violin! Keep up the good work!

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