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    Hello, There! 🙂 I’m Karnpitcha, I’m a new beginner from Thailand. I just started to learn the violin for a few lessons in my class lately. Well, to be honest, I actually wanted to learn violin when I was young but I didn’t have the opportunity to learn it at that time so, Anyway, the fact that nowadays I’ve got a chance to learn the violin finally, It was like my dream’s come true, I know it’s quite very hard but I’ll try and practice and learn a lot more because this is what I love, I think it’s kind of my passion and the reason why I would like to learn the violin is because I wanna be the violinist someday even though I’m just only a beginner at this moment but I won’t give up I’m gonna chase it my dreams.
    Ps. English isn’t my first language, so please excuse my any mistakes, I’m working on improving my English basically.

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    Kevin DeSilva

    Hello Karnpitcha; Welcome to the Forum.

    You will find that I and many others on this site share your love of all things violin. I am also a beginner and, as such, have this advice to offer:

    Have patience with yourself.

    Love, dedication and practice will get you where you want to be.

    Many blessings on your journey.

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    Hey Karnpitcha! nice to hear from you! Yes, the violin is hard, and many times i wondered to myself why i even chose it, but the violin has given me a place in the world to express myself through music when i am not good at words! Love your violin, and be nice to yourself and both will reward you! You are right, cling to your dreams, and never give up on chasing them!

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    Nice to meet you all! And thank you so much for your kindness. ^_^

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