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    Hello, i’m. Rachael. I am 28 and a mom to three girls. I used to play in school from 5th through some college and that was fun. Since then i hardly play so i would like to get on that again sometime.


    Kevin DeSilva
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    Hi Rachael.

    Welcome to the Forum. ViolinTutorPro is a wonderful place to hang out with lots of videos to learn from and people to exchange ideas with.

    There is also a Facebook page with really interesting postings.

    Also check out; It is a candy shop with many drool worthy items.


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    Welcome, Rachael. I’m glad you are not waiting as long as I did to restart playing violin! Enjoy!


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    Hello, welcome and enjoy!


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    Hey Rachael,
    There is no better time than the present to start learning the violin! life is short, fill it with good things! i find a haven and release in violin to express myself better than almost anywhere else, and this site is very helpful in my journey on the violin…

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