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    I am 56 years old and have been playing violin for about 7 years. When I first started taking lessons I practiced everyday. I began having to commute a long distance to work, so I practiced much less over the last 5 years. I now have more practice time and would like to improve my playing. My instructor teaches songs, not technique. We play in a group named Colibri , which means hummingbird in Spanish. We play music from certain regions and eras of Mexico. We play music from the Huasteca region and Huapango music. We also play songs from the Mexican revolution and early California. We are very busy during the period around Day of the Dead, because there are specific dances that are performed and most groups don’t play this music. Our group consists of four violins, including my instructor; three guitars; a vihuela; for some music the guitar players play jaranas and we also have a woman who plays harp for some of our music.

    My goal is to improve my technique, especially my intonation and become an overall better violinist.

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    Elizabeth Davis

    Very cool. I used to live in San Jose (and then Redwood City) before moving back to the east coast a few years ago. Small world, and great to hear from you!

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    Michael Sanchez

    Thanks for your post LAlaniz! Hope to inspire you and help you grow into an even better musician. Feel free to post more in our forums and ask any questions you may have!

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