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    Hi everyone!
    My name is Maria. I live in Moscow, Russia. I play the classical guitar (for a year now) using the improvisational method of teaching. I think it is really great to improvise even if you know very little. For example, if you know only several notes (or notes on one string only), you can already improvise a melody using them. I’ll use it in my violin studies as well (I hope so).
    Here’s an example of my improvisation.

    And I realized a month ago that I really wish to play the violin as well. Oh, I’m so into the music!
    So I’ve just bought my first violin and started to follow your lessons.
    I’m so thankful that you created such a great place for all those wishing to learn and improve their playing abilities here!
    I hope in some time I’ll be able to show something. But for the moment I’m learning to hold the violin and the bow.

    I’m very glad that I’m not alone. Together we can do much more. And realize many things much easier. It’s very important to be in the community of people who think the same and can support you. I’m really glad I’ve found this site just at the right moment.

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    Michael Sanchez

    Hey Maria! So glad you have decided to take a leap and learn the violin. I’m here to help you in whatever way possible! I have been appreciating your posts and participation in the community. You are definitely not alone! Post some more questions in the forums as you have them. 🙂

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    Hello Maria, welcome to the Violin Tutor Pro forum!

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    Hey Maria! So glad to have you join us. That is so cool that you’re from Russia. I play with a Slavic symphony in my country. I’m not Russian myself, but I think Russians are great people to be with!

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