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    Btw my name is Gilles..
    Last November at age 69 hesitantly I decided to start learning the violin.
    About two years ago my Mom passed away, leaving me with a new Wilhelm Eberle Stradivarius (copy) violin(made in the former East Germany)..it’s virtually new, been checked by two luthiers and they’ve told me it has a great sound and I can tell it’s got great projection.
    I modified it for left hand playing, had it checked by a luthier and I’m good to go..just need to get a better bow!

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    Dianne Adkins

    Hello Gilles! Please allow me to direct you to our sister site, Superior Violin.com, which has a variety of affordable violin bows to choose from.

    The Economy Brazilwood Violin Bow (pictured below)
    Brazilwood Violin Bow
    The Teresa Angelo Carbon Fiber Violin Bow (pictured below)
    The Teresa Angelo Carbon Fiber Violin Bow
    The Carmela Pietro Pernambuco Violin Bow (pictured below)
    The Carmela Pietro Pernambuco Violin Bow
    The Hermann Lugar Silver Mounted Pernambuco Violin Bow (pictured below)
    Hermann Lugar Pernambuco Violin Bow

    Superior Violins offers a payment plan if you don’t want to pay out all at once. They also do financing, with a ZERO interest rate for 6 months. They have an upgrade program for violins, but I’m not certain it also applies to bows. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions about products or playing the violin!

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    Cynthia Tuck

    Hi Jilles
    What a fortunate person you are—a copy of a Stradivarius! Enjoy your learning. Violin Tutor Pro is the place to be. Their blogs are very helpful along with
    their tutorials. People on this site are very helpful in answering questions and giving assistance.
    Every Best as you pursue the violin.
    Cynthia Tuck

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    Wendy Moore

    Hello You !!

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    Hi Cynthia

    First of all, I noticed you’re also Canadian, from Northern BC..what type of violin do you own?

    I’m very happy with my new Wilhelm Eberle instrument but unlike the expensive Strads it does not have the inlaid purfling..it is just painted on!
    However, it has great projection and excellent sound according to my luthier. And the construction looks excellent!

    I agree that having enrolled with Violin Tutor Pro was a wise decision. I’m very pleased with my progress so far after four months and I already did some jamming with a niece who has been learning the violin for three years so far. Her first comment was about the smoothness of my playing..I credit that to Michael who encourages us to learn pieces from memory and it helps very much to play much more smoothly as compared to reading from sheet music. I’ve received the same advice from Itzhak Perlman in one of his newsletter again recommended by Michael.
    I’m quite new to the forum but it’s been a positive experience so far!!

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    Welcome to the forum. I’m also located in Ottawa (Kanata).

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    Wow..just next door! Anteros…have you a violin and if so, which one? Are you a newbie??

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    Hey there. I do have a violin. I have a XueChang Sun VN100 violin that I bought from a Canadian website in December. I’ve been playing for about 6 months now so I’m still very much a newbie. 🙂

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    Good to hear back from you…I know about the XueChang VN100…did you get it from fiddlesticks.ca..I noticed they have a left handed VN102 too. The left handed ones are a bit hard to find. My reason for the left handed instrument is because of injuries to the middle fingers required me to go left handed..not a problem as I’m significantly left handed already. I inherited a new East German violin in the Strad style and have been learning on that for the past five months…it has a very good sound and projection so I’ll hang on to it until I get significantly more proficient. Maybe we can meet over coffee some time and exchange some points about our experiences so far..maybe by late spring?? Back to you!

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