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    So glad to be apart of this with you all! I’m Bethany. I play the violin, piano, and play and sing alto in a mixed quartet with my siblings. I teach both violin and piano, and am teaching myself a bit of mandolin on the side.

    As a violinist… I enjoy playing at all sorts of gigs all over the Pacific Northwest. Performing in so many different environments has really brought about the understanding of what it means to touch people’s hearts. Performing is more about how we reach others than it is about the audience adoring us. Because of what I am learning, I’m quite intrigued about the philosophy of performing and sharing music with others as I hope to expand that in my future.

    As a fiddler… well, actually I don’t really refer to myself as a fiddler because that isn’t really my training. I only play Celtic fiddling as I really don’t have an appetite for Bluegrass. I have taken a total of 2 and 1/2 lessons in Scottish fiddling, and that pushed me into the wonderful realm of Celtic fiddling! The rest I’ve learned on my own. I like to jokingly say that I’m a fake fiddler, but good enough for people to believe me.

    As a musician… I think it is best to start a student on piano as it gives a really solid foundation for music, but I understand this won’t always be the case. I teach private piano and violin lessons, play in an orchestra, and a sibling quartet. I think it is vitally import for any musician to be well-rounded and be comfortable with a variety of musical styles. Also, working with other musicians is so important for musical growth!

    And as a person… I am a Bible believing Christian and come from a large family. I enjoy all sorts of fun things such as friends, Ballet and Irish Ceili dance, teaching swimming lessons, athletics, filmmaking, and pranks. (Yes, you read that last one correctly.)

    Okay, well, I hope I didn’t make this introduction too long! Looking forward to all the excitement!

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    Hi BethanyViolin,

    Welcome to the VTP forum! You mention playing in the Pacific Northwest, where are you from?

    You have a lot of musical background. I started late in life learning any music. I am 53 and have only been playing/learning the violin for 1.5 years; I love the violin. I would also love to learn to play the piano someday as well, but for now the violin keeps me very busy.

    Such a pleasure to meet a fellow Bible believing Christian. I am from Texas but live in Panama (the country).

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    Hello Tracye,

    I live outside the Portland area. That is fantastic to hear that you are pursuing the violin!

    God bless you!

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    Michael Sanchez

    Hey Bethany, I think it is so cool that you know my partner Loren in northern, CA! I actually had a call with him a few days ago and he mentioned he knew you without me even mentioning anything. Small world! I really enjoyed having you in the fiddle class this past month, it seems you have a passion for improv and I hope you can influence others on this site to also pursue learning the fiddle. My violinists don’t even know what they have in them until they try! Thanks again for your participation and look forward to seeing you in the webinars soon!

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    Phillip Sindlinger

    Bethany, it is cool that you live in Oregon. How far from the PCT is it? (A week ago, I rented the DVD “Wild.” after finishing the book.)

    I have played violin for a time. I also enjoy a few Irish fiddle tunes that are on the easy side: “Drowsy Maggie” remains my favorite one. However, anything from the 19th century from the land of Y.B Yeats remains totally cool for me. I will send you a few lines from him some day.

    Once, I think five years ago, in front of about 500 or so people assembled in a middle school gymnasium for a talent show, I played a strange medley of four fiddle tunes. i had no accompaniment or support other than a hundred or so clapping hands: “Yankee Doodle,” “Turkey in the Hay,” Drowsy Maggie,” and “Blackberry Blossom.” Why these tunes got merged together I cannot yet narrate.

    B the way, where in Hades does anyone find blackberries naturally? It is for sure not here in the Mohave Desert. By the way, I like your. photo; I hope you get many great spirits with or without keyboards in the wild.


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