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    Rebekka Lee

    Hi, my name is Rebekka and I love love love violin. I have been listening to classical music since I was little and it has always enchanted me. It wasn’t until I watched the Pirates of the Caribbean funnily enough that I realized I wanted, no NEEDED, to play the violin (Hanz Zimmer is just amazing with soundtracks). Actually when I was little we had a cassette tape which told the story of these kids trying to find a lost violin (I can’t remember what exactly it was called) but one of the songs was Vivaldi’s Winter. I don’t know what it was but that song really creeped me out! It bothered me quite a bit actually that even years later when those commercials about the signs of having a stroke came out I immediately remembered that tape! Now of course I hear the beauty and complexity of the song and hope to play it myself one day. In May 2012, I finally went on Kijiji and bought a cheap violin. I taught myself until September when I started taking lessons. By February of 2013 I had gained my Grade 3 certificate. My teacher immediately had me prepping for my Grade 4 (which I would have taken in September 2013) however, due to financial circumstances I had to stop taking lessons. Fourth year university was just insane so my violin got left behind. Finally, in late 2015 I have dusted it off and am ready to get back to work! I still can’t afford lessons so I was really happy to find this site!!!! 😀 The more technical the pieces get, the harder it is to understand instructions written in the books! Some things just cannot be explained simply via text.

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