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    This is really fun – learning about other people on the forum and seeing where they are from! So, I’m from New York, a medical transcriptionist, working from home. I took violin lessons grades 3 through 12 and played in lots and lots of orchestras when I was young. I take easily to learning new instruments and have played the piano, flute, classical guitar, clarinet and organ (church pianist and organist for years). I regret that when I went away to college I got too busy to play violin, then raising 7 kids left little time to practice too. I kept up with the piano when needed at church, but most of the other instruments fell by the wayside. Thirty years later I found a violin at a yard sale and started trying to relearn to play. I’m excited to use this forum AND next week my daughter-in-law is bringing me a gift – a beautiful hammer dulcimer! I’m very excited to learn to play that (I seem to enjoy the challenge of learning new instruments!). Anyway, so glad to have stumbled across Michael and this great site and looking forward to getting to know other musicians and a learning a lot more!

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    Hi margaretellen and welcome to the VTP forum! I am also enjoying meeting new people here.

    Wow…I bet 7 kids did keep you busy. I raised 4..and now have 4 grandkids. I also have 2 dulcimers…they are on my “one day” list….but for now, learning the violin keeps me plenty busy.

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    Hello from New York

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    Hello from California! Hope you have fun playing the violin!

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    glad you are here

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    Hello from Mississippi. This is interesting. I don’t know anything about violins but I am interested. I am a music teacher, but I teach singing, xylophone, metallophone and hand drums basically as an elementary school music teacher. I am interested in my daughter possibly taking lessons in violin too.

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    Kevin DeSilva

    Hi there. Welcome tp the forum. I am a truck driver from New Brunswick Canada and a rank beginner. I look forward to reading your thoughts.

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    i too, play several instruments, the piano, violin, trumpet, and recorder, but the violin is my favorite and the one i want to learn the best! its good to have you here!

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