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    I began playing the violin in elementary school and gave it up after four years, fearing being dubbed a band nerd in high school and wary of the challenge of learning Vibrato. As an adult, I thought about taking it back up many times over the years and decided to do it a couple of years ago but did not have a violin or money for lessons. So, I posted a request on Freecycle and a wonderful woman responded within 24 hours saying that she had been waiting for someone to ask for a violin because she wanted to give her father’s violin to someone that really wanted it! Shortly thereafter, I met someone at an event that went to Juilliard and offered to teach me in exchange for letting her being her model since she was int the process of becoming a makeup artist. She worked with me for a while but I have forgotten how to read music and she did not live nearby so I lost my momentum…until I recently found VTP! Now I am in the process of beginning anew again and hope that with regular practice, I will remember some of what I’ve lost and regain my long lost skill of making music.

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    Dianne Adkins

    Hi and welcome Cosmusik! What a great story! I’m glad you didn’t give away the violin! I would love to know more about what kind of violin you got! If you have any questions as you go along, don’t hesitate to ask here in the forum and I’ll try to help!

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    Kevin DeSilva

    Wonderful story!! … Thank you for sharing!

    Welcome to our community … There are all levels of experience here from rank beginners of all ages (like me) to very talented teachers.

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    Hi Dianne & Kevin,
    Thank you both for welcoming me, it is so nice to have this community to share and learn from while starting over!
    I have no idea what type of violin it is, nor how to determine that information as I don’t see any markings on/in it or in the case. It would be nice to know but I am just happy to have one! If you have any tips on how I might find out, I welcome the information.

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