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    I am retired (66 years old) from a 40 year career as a microbiologist in the pharmaceutical industry. However, as a child I was a musician. I began playing piano at the age of 5 and then added the violin at age 9. My piano was my main instrument to the extent that I was doing competitions in my teen years and entered university as a piano performance major. My violin was always my “happy place”, my ensemble instrument – I loved to play chamber music even in high school. Long story short, after one year of piano performance I was burnt out (poor choice of a piano professor – and way too many competitions) and decided to walk away from music and go to science (much much easier and still fun stuff). In order to “turn off” the music that filled my head I closed up my piano and my violin case and did not open either of them for over 30 years. About 7 years ago our Pastor of Worship & Music at church asked me to PLEASE play my violin with the church music program – and – I dug it out of the closet, took it to a luthier and had it gone over and then began to try to play again; it wasn’t pretty. However, over the following year I began to play more an more and even purchased a better instrument and bow. So now, I’m retired and practicing with some regularity. However, the ease and accuracy of playing I experienced in my teens still eludes me.

    When I retired I moved to Bowling Green, KY to be nearer family that had moved here. Unfortunately they don’t have a much of a classical music scene for amateur adults here; so – I’ve begun exploring the internet to find opportunities to improve my playing. One day I ran across the Violin Tutor Pro website and here I am.

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    Hi Rustyfiddler and welcome to VTP! I look forward to reading your posts, you have a long musical history.

    I never took the time growing up to learn anything musical and now I wish I had. But my motto, is better late than never!

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    HI Rustyfiddler..your story sounds a bit like mine – violin hidden away for 30 years…glad you got it back out again. I hope to play in church one day too.

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    Michael Sanchez

    My motto is as long as you are playing, you are on the right track! Everyone finds it somehow, and it is our job here at VTP to keep the passion (flame) going!

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    I’m in KY also. Our stories are similar but sort of opposite. As a child I always wanted to learn piano in addition to violin. My father was an accomplished pianist but would not teach me. Put down the violin after 7-8 years playing and being 1st chair in 2nd violins as a freshman in a decent school orchestra. My violins were stollen a few years later. Inherited my father’s piano and found that I remembered a lot and progressed quickly. My small hands are an impediment to playing some chords in the more advanced music. I realized that performance pressures and others choosing music that I didn’t like played a big part in my stopping violin. I’m hoping to get an instrument soon and return to playing for my enjoyment and maybe for church. Will still keep learning piano, too.

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    I also live in KY. I’ve been following up Michael’s videos from time to time but never participated in the forums. I decided to create an account to become active here. I’m an adult beginner already taking private lessons.

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    Suzanne Cox

    Welcome wildsoldier! Glad to see you joining the Forum. There is a lot of great information in here. Hope to see you around the forum!

    Suzanne from Violin Tutor Pro

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