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    I’ve never played an instrument seriously before other than the flute back in middle school. The only reason I played the flute back in middle school though was because it was the instrument all my friends played. I never liked the sound of it thus once I entered high school, I stopped playing music altogether Now in college I want to get back into music. This time I’m learning how to play an instrument I truly love to listen to, the violin. I can listen to the same songs on the violin over and over again and it never gets old. I want to get good enough that I can play the songs that I love and also accomplish a sort of life goal of mine which is to be skilled in at least one instrument. It’s good to be here, I’ve been enjoying the videos quite a lot!

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    Welcome to the forum!! I also chose the violin because I love to listen to it so much. It’s such a beautiful instrument! Good luck to you with your goals! 🙂

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    I love the sound and the feeling I get when I am playing in an orchestra. I just love the sound. What can I say?

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