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    Hello from ATX (Austin, Texas)!

    I have been playing (mostly badly) for almost four years–not the fault of my teacher…I don’t practice enough each week. Only excuse I can offer is that I am a freelancer in a field with very tight deadlines, and too often, work gets in the way.

    Choosing the violin is an unlikely choice for me. I played French horn and piano when I was younger. Now that I am old, I decided I >>needed<< to start playing music again…an unexplained yearning–perhaps to fill a gap unmet in my work-oriented existence. Logically, I decided that an instrument easy to transport would be a good choice…but in my heart, I love to hear the violin played in the music I enjoy…and so I guess it was just a natural gravitation to this beautiful instrument after so many years.

    In some ways, the violin is much easier than the piano, but in other ways, it is so much harder to play. My biggest issues have been bowing (not straight–sometimes very crooked) and not keeping my thumb anchored on the neck. I have been working on both techniques with improvement, but the bowing still confounds me. I watched Michael’s webinar last night and paid close attention to his demonstration on positioning the elbow for proper placement of the bow on the strings…and I will try his technique of placing the bowing forearm against the wall and using the index finger to control the bow.

    My goal is to be able to play for special occasions at our church…and I realize that will only be accomplished if I practice.

    Best wishes to you all.

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    Welcome to the Violin Tutor Pro forum. It is nice to see a fellow Texan!

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    Michael Sanchez

    Welcome SMS! Hope to help you with your progress to improve on the violin. Talk soon!

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