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    I’ve actually been going to this site for a few weeks but I’ve always been a bit too shy to really post much. but thought I would start here.
    I’m Ellen and new to violin, but I’ve wanted to learn it since I was a little kid, so I thought I would finally just give it a try. enjoying it so far!
    looking forward to meeting everyone and spending more time here 🙂

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    William Bickerstaff

    Welcome to fiddler’s paradise!

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    Cynthia Tuck

    Welcome Ellen. I’me relatively new to Violin Tutor Pro as well. I had lessons decades ago but am trying to play again now and it’s like starting all over again. Violin Tutor Pro has lots to offer and do much of the instruction is free. That’s a real bonus.

    Cynthia Tuck

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    Welcome to the community Ellen!

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    Claudio Freire

    I am pretty new to violin as well, and I am enjoying every minute of it . ?

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