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    Ladbrooke Bomeke


    I’ve been playing for about twelve years (also play lever harp) and typically get a good two hour practice in. One hour is dedicated to technique and the other to performance (But thinking about changing up my routine a bit after watching a few videos here)

    My role models are quite a few. A few being Vanessa mae, Joshua Bell, Itzhalk Pearlman and I can’t forget Lindsey Stirling. Not only am I inspired by her ability to play, but her life story too. If it weren’t for her inspiring me, I’d probably wouldn’t be playing violin anymore. She overcame so much to get where she is now (and I don’t just mean fame, but her talents and who she is as a person)

    I hope to overcome my own barriers I have set up and break through them like she was able to with hers and get to know the person I really am! Music is definitely one of the best ways I can express myself.

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