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    Kevin DeSilva

    As I am feeling far more comfortable, perhaps, I should more throughly introduce myself.

    Born 1963 July 6 in the Islands of Bermuda; Lived there for 40 years until 2004, when I moved to Cambridge Narrows, NB, Canada with my Bride (Nadia) and Mom.

    I have never played a Violin but did hold one about 44 years ago … it may be only one experience but it was a good one – an experience that lit a fire of Love and Passion within my heart.

    This Love and passion has been smouldering within the deepest places of my heart until the last few months when it exploded out – and like the dragon who leaves the cave to eat a huge meal and can not get back in … this passion and love will not be stuffed back into my heart and silenced – it grows and grows in every moment.

    I bring a lifetime of experience to the Violin Community and to this Family in particular.

    Primarily, I am a One Law Priest and have been for a very long time – although this can not be captured in words, basically, the Path of One is the journey of finding out who and what you truly are … as a Priest, I simply show students where to look but never what to see.

    I have been a certified healer for many decades … with certifications in many modalities. Also, a certified Spiritual Counsellor (Delphi University), certified Medium and Intuitive.

    I have been a Commercial Diver, Well Driller (water), Construction Worker, Truck Driver, Equipment Operator, Landscaper and Farmer (etc., etc., etc.) …. Currently, we own our own Transport Truck and I earn a living as a Long Haul Truck Driver in North America. I have also worked in museums, marine attractions and ship yards.

    I absolutely LOVE books, music and learning new things … I enjoy the company of warm hearted people and the taste of coffee

    I enjoy intellectual conversation and the sharing of ideas …. The simplicity and depth of knowledge (many levels) contained within Hermetic Philosophy is fascinating.

    I have made a study of the many ways humanity has of embracing Deity over this lifetime … I have found that we best can build upon our commonalities as our differences only serve to tear us apart.

    I believe that everything within Duality is alive and vibrating at various frequencies …. I believe everything is a harmonic of the various bits which go to make up it’s existence … I believe that we do not move through life but, rather, that life moves though us

    I believe the Violin is one of the most perfect instruments for the Heart and for the Soul to express itself … I believe a Violin communicates directly to a person’s Soul – when only a few notes can bring intense joy or sorrow, when a page of music can tell an epic tale of adventure, romance, triumph and hope … such things can not be shared by words as they are infinite by nature and can only be understood by our Trans-Rational/Subjective minds …. words only ever communicate the objective and Rational.

    I have also enjoyed many years in the DoJo – although challenges prevent me from returning at this time.

    Dreams? ….. I would love to get off the road and open my own Metaphysical Book Store in British Columbia where my Bride’s family mostly live ….. I would love to continue this Violin adventure with a specific Ming Jiang Zhu.

    Happiness? … Helping others has always brought me happiness … I have always loved the words of Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the Change you wish to see in the world” – there are many levels and applications of this wisdom.

    By our own Choices, we define our lives ….. choose sadness and sadness is all that will be found – choose happiness and happiness is all that will be found.

    Perhaps now, you will have a better window into the mind of your new friend 😀 … Many Blessings to all.

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    Claudio Freire

    What an introduction! Thanks Kevin for taking your time to share your life history. Likewise, I also believe the violin is one of the most beautful instrument ever created, that is able to fully express the fillings and emotions from our soul.

    As a good Brazilian, I also enjoy the taste of good coffee 🙂

    God Bless you too.

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    Hello and welcome

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    Lydia Tran

    Wow, thanks for sharing your story!! Loved reading every bit of it (: glad you found this site!

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