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    Hi All!
    My name is Deirdre from Winston-Salem, NC and as you have probably already guessed, I’m the new kid (at 55) on the block. I picked up (and purchased) a violin for the first time last year and loved it unconditionally…for about a week. Then the reality of how toxic our relationshp really was began to sink in. I changed the strings which didn’t help. I even took it to a local luthier who tried not to laugh or use expletives as he described how woefully inadequate my pretty (cheap) violin was. Even though my instrument sounded like a feral cat in heat when I drew the bow over the strings, I was determined to make it work. Needless to say, it didn’t, work that is. The pretty (useless) fiddle spent more and more time in it’s case and less and less time in my embrace until one day, I didn’t love her anymore….
    Enter the Tia Bruna. I registered to win a few times, but never got an email saying that I was the lucky winner. In actuality, the contests really just fanned the flames of my desire to play – like a movie trailer or amuse de buche. Somehow, I’m really not sure of how (the Universe conspired??), Michael Sanchez and I began a long series of conversations and a few months later, I put in my order for a Tia Bruna. I was so excited about getting the violin that I even chronicled it on video! lol
    I opened the package and I must admit, my heart was all a flutter again. She was beautiful!!! I drew the bow across the strings and the G string resonated in my living room. It gave me chills!!! Of course, it still sounded like a feral cat in heat, but this time, I was able to distinguish that it was me and not the violin.
    Enter Violin Tutor Pro Lessons. She is too beautiful to sound like a feral cat, so I am here to learn. I am here to not only learn to play, but to learn to play well! I’m excited about the journey and to be sharing it with all of you!!!

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