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    What’s a good way to learn violin, after you’ve learned the guitar?

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    Gayle Maurer

    I am watching all the beginner videos on this site and a couple others. I really don’t want to take private lessons (or maybe I would if they weren’t expensive). I have had lessons on the piano, guitar and flute in the past. It really comes down to getting the fundamentals down and a LOT of practice. With the videos on here, they give you the things you need to know. The only problem is if you are doing something wrong, sometimes it’s hard to tell – easier for someone else to point out. Then maybe videotaping yourself will help. Compare how you look to the instruction videos.

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    Dianne Adkins

    Hi Gayle, you made a good point about getting someone else’s view, so you can always post in the video feedback section and get professional feedback. I’ll try to help you! Video-ing yourself can definitely be an eye opener with the right teacher led techniques in mind. Also playing in front of a mirror helps sometimes. Don’t forget Michael’s weekly live lessons. You can keep track of those from the homepage by clicking on the violin tutor pro logo at the top left of this page 😉 Finally, it’s true that the fundamentals and a lot of practice will get you a long way. But I always tell my students “Practice doesn’t make perfect. PERFECT practice makes perfect!” Good luck!

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    Hey Gayle! I highly recommend trying out a violin lesson with one of our teachers through this site. You can do a lesson with either Joanna or Suni free for the first 30 minutes. You could even try out lessons with both of them to see if either of them would be a good fit for you. They both are very reasonable at $20/lesson after the first lesson. You can find both of their profiles here, they both teach on Skype:

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    I like what Diane said about practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect. I can just repeat mistakes, especially if I am tired or pushing myself. If slowing down doesn’t help, I take a break. Often the next time I practice I can do much better on the places that were difficult.

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