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    Michael Sanchez
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    Hi everyone,

    In this video, you will get three great tips that will help you improve your sound on the violin, viola or fiddle. Let me know if you have any questions. Keep playing!


    William Bickerstaff
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    Thanks for this. I had no clue that arm position effects the sound that much.


    karen l
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    Thank you so much for the amazing tips!


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    Thank you so much. I really appreciate all the helpful posts!


    karen l
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    I check back on this every time I struggle


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    Thanks so much for these great tips! I didn’t know that the height of the arm influences the quality of the tone either. Very interesting. Will experiment with this today 😉


    Three Chord Monte
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    I need to watch my arm in mirror.


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    What is the name of this instructor? I really enjoy his videos and would love to see more!


    Dianne Adkins
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    One of the main things I work on with students is tone production. Who wants to listen to a violin with poor tone? No one! I use a specific exercise called ‘The Tonalization’ which is an arpeggio exercise in G major and G minor found in Book 2 of Suzuki Violin Method. You can use any similar exercise, but it should be memorized and simple. Then I modify it by playing two full bows on each note. The idea to engage the full length of the bow, and maintain control of three things from frog to tip. The three ‘elements’ of beautiful tone are WEIGHT, SPEED and CONTACT POINT (where to bow touches the string). Each element must be consistent from frog to tip. Usually each player has a problem with one of the three elements. So after you have mastered your bow grip and arm motion, if your tone is still not brilliant, try considering the three elements of beautiful tone. Break it down, working on each idea separately as you play, until you are sure you’re consistent with these three issues. Remember, LISTEN to your fingers, but LOOK at your bow. Happy tone, everyone!


    Chirag Chauhan
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    Thank you for the valuable tips. Very useful.


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    Thank you for the useful tips Gregory, too often when I play I get caught up in the music, and I don’t realize that I can get a better sound if I just follow the basic steps.


    Priscilla Gaskins
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    Good tip


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    I have really noticed that as I relax both of my hands I get better sound. I agree all. Thanks to both of you for the tips.


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    This is a great video and exactly what I have been focusing on recently.Thanks for posting!


    EL Go
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    Thanks Professor Maytan, You cannot say it enough…keep the bow arm and hand relaxed. It seems that every part of the body, mind and spirit must be disciplined, engaged and relaxed. There are so many aspects to pay attention to at the same time so focusing in on one thing at a time is important. Thank you also Dianne. WSCp-Weight, Speed, Contact point. Ok…practise time!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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