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    Chris Guleff

    For those of you for whom learning to play violin is your first exposure to playing instrumental music, what part of the experience do you find the most difficult?

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    Priscilla Gaskins

    that is a good question- I had piano as a child so already knew how to read music and music theory.I cant imagine trying to learn violin without previous music background. I always thought piano should be the basic instrument for a background in learning instruments but I have been around many who play other instruments without any other training.For myself i couldnt imagine trying violin without it. Maybe music theroy should be learned first before attempting the instrument?

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    Richard Kovacik

    Consider myself a young 66, retired and embracing new adventures. Love the music snd the instrument, so I’m all in but have found patience my buggiest challenge. A student for 8 months, found some advantages as an adult to be; discipline, a commitment to practice and learning. Jumped into the study of music theory, a whole new world of music appreciation.

    But, patience is a bugger, I feel my playing should be progressing much faster considering the commitment, so frustrating. And then Michael reminded me; a marathon, not a sprint!

    Michael suggested checking my progress over the past 6 months and, he was right. I am actually playing better, technique is much better. So, as an adult student, I wanted to share my new found prospective. Patience and awareness of my progress in this marathon. ?

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    I don’t know what it is to begin the violin as an adult, but it wasn’t that bad when I was 12. I do remember our orchestra teacher taping a thumbtack under the neck of my violin so I didn’t rest the instrument on the palm of my hand, but I only got poked once so it wasn’t that bad.

    My orchestra teacher when I was 12. He was a double-bass player.

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    Sorry, I can’t open the picture, now it won’t let me edit.

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    I am 60 yrs old and had no musical experience. My husband gave me a violin for my birthday because I once said that I wish I had learned to play something as a child and I thought the sound of the violin was beautiful. Never thought he would buy me one! So for the last 6 months I have been learning to play the violin. The most challenging part for me was trying to read the music and understand the rhythm of the pieces. Making progress and enjoying every step of the journey. Probably the best birthday present ever!!!

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    OK i had some piano lessons and voice lessons in the past, and drummed for a while, but aside from being an okay drummer, don’t feel I have a lot of musical experience. Still the hardest part of the violin is holding and playing without neck soreness and wrist pain. Getting better, though, as I progress.

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    Hi Chris, I am an adult learner without previous musical experience. I started with the violin 9 months ago, and also started to learn how to read music. And I think the most difficult parte for me is to read while I’m playing. I have a quick memory and learn the pieces so far, but now I’m working on longer pieces (student concertos) and I think it would be easier if I could read at least part of the piece, instead of memorize all notes 😉

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    Hi. Adult beginner with no musical experience except for singing along to records as a child! You just start at the beginning, learn the notes, learn where they are on the fingerboard. I’m not sure what was the hardest, everything was hard! But I loved it. I loved the challenge, learning something new. I’m in I think around 6 or 7 years now? I’ve lost count!! lol

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