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    Three Chord Monte

    Howdy, Folks, I’m new here and relatively new to playing violin.

    I’ve been a serious guitarist and have performed professionally off and on for more than forty years as a singer/songwriter type performer. As a singer I’ve always focussed mainly on accompanying myself…not really playing any lead, just fills. Now I’m retired and have become interested in playing new instruments and becoming a better musician.

    Interesting story about how I got started playing violin as well as mandolin, octave mandolin, tenor banjo and tenor guitar. My father-in-law who is ninety-two inherited a 1923 Paramount Tenor Banjo some time ago and I’ve had my eye on it for several of years. He recently passed it on to me and when I started studying it I realized that it’s tuned to perfect fifths only at a different pitch than the violin (it’s tuned C, G, D, A). The tenor guitar is tuned exactly the same as the tenor banjo. And then the mandolin is tuned exactly the same as the violin and the octave mandolin is tuned the same as the mandolin only an octave lower. So basically I’m learning five instruments that all have the same fingerboard. In essence I’m learning five instruments for the price of one…though each one is different in technique. I might add that the violin is by far the most difficult to master, at least for one who coming from a fretted, plucked instrument background. Also perhaps my favorite…along with the mandolin.

    Now the piano and dobro are a totally different story. I’m working on them as well.

    This retirement thing is really hard work. I’m busier than I’ve ever been. I have had time to practice my hobby as an amateur luthier though, having built a guitar and two mandolins in the last year. My violin is an inexpensive China made violin I picked up at a yard sale. I do have some really nice quality guitars and can really appreciate fine instruments. I’m thinking of building a violin from a kit. Found one from International Violin that runs $500 that has really nice wood and would basically just require assembling the kit. I think I’d have a pretty nice fiddle when finished.

    Anyone ever built a violin from a kit?

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