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    I’m rather interested in proper fittings as I have yet to find the perfect set up for myself. I did find this: They have kits for fitting different chin rests to different people and explanations about which fit best with different necks/chins. I believe the closet person that performs these fittings is in Lansing, MI Which isn’t horribly far for me but wish there were someplace in Grand Rapids that had this service. Frankly I’m surprised there is not. I will be exploring a local music store but seems like before they didn’t have much in stock to try out. I feel this is a disservice to string players and a sorely needed one! I don’t have much extra money laying around to order different chin rests and shoulder rest combinations to try out!

    Poking Micheal here…..hint, hint, nudge, nudge. Is this something you could provide to area peoples? I realize that doesn’t help everyone, but through video you could offer suggestions of what would most likely work based on jaw shape, whether is fleshy or bony, etc. More people need to be available to help with proper fittings. Just throwing that out there. 🙂

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    Christie Morehouse

    Yeah, Michael: how about a chin rest fitting service. I would be there.

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