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    Johanne Aube
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    Not a flawless performance, but fairly new at this…so here it is


    Chris Guleff
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    That’s one more recording than exists for ME playing the violin. You have good intonation and steady rhythm. Also, you show that you can use varying bow pressures to produce varying effects. Not sure how long you’ve been playing, but you do show a lot of promise. Keep up the good work!


    William Bickerstaff
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    I think you may be using a bit too much movement in the right shoulder… review the wall drill and give ‘er a try.


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    I agree with the posts above. I just finished 3 weeks of doing the wall drill myself. Good job. 🙂


    Dianne Adkins
    • Contribution Score 325

    Fantastic job! Thank you for sharing your first video with us! Even the best of us would rarely give a ‘flawless’ performance! Technically, I can suggest one thing for you to improve your playing. Your violin seems to be tilted quite a bit toward the right. I would like to see it angled back so it seems more flat. Part of that is just rolling from your waist, leaning back over the violin more. Let the violin elbow come under the violin. To test your violin posture, imagine your violin elbow being aligned with your big toe of the left foot, where most of your weight should be. Then, roll yourself a bit over, standing tall. Then some work on bow arm and you will have improved greatly! Cheers!


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    Wow! That was really great!


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    You are a courageous woman! Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone! Your intonation was good. Try using more right wrist movement to get more bow coverage. Did you memorize the piece? I always have trouble with that. Brava!


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    Great job and good intonation. Try unlocking your right elbow while you bow.


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    Great job, but as others said you need to loosen up your arm a little bit.


    Anna Butler
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    It’s great to see people of all ages and from many different places pick up the violin! It is a wonderful thing to play music! Great job on the song and everything else!!


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    Nicely done, you sure have very good intonation!


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    What a happy song, you’re great at keeping a steady tempo.

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