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    Hi everyone I’m new here and I’ve been having trouble with the fingerboard when I play an open string it sounds nice and pretty but when I use the fingerboard not so much like when I play an F# (first on E) it sounds very high pitched and scratchy and not good at all thats the worst one but the same problem exists for me on all strings my tuner tells me I’m hitting the right notes and my instrument is in tune any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Dianne Adkins

    Hi FroBro! This problem sounds like when you depress the string, it is lowered and touches the fingerboard, so it can’t vibrate. This indicates the set up between violin neck angle, bridge height, and strings is misaligned. This is rather common on really cheap violins. The problem might be fixable with a new, fitted bridge. If you buy a new bridge, it needs to be fitted to your violin and at the proper height by sanding it down to a perfect height and curvature to match your violin. Even with this done, it might not fix the problem.

    At the far end of the fingerboard, there is a little piece of wood called the ‘nut’, just before the opening of the peg box. It is usually elevated very slightly higher than the fingerboard. Its purpose is the raise the strings a little, so when you press fingers on the strings down there, the strings won’t touch the fingerboard. So the nut, the bridge, and the angle of the violin neck all contribute to the relationship of strings to fingerboard.

    I would ask how much you paid for the violin and if you bought it recently, I would return it with explanation of the problem. Fixing it would probably cost more than the value of the violin. I’m sorry to say it might be bad news about your violin. Let me know more details if you think it’s something else.

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    That very well may be the problem I thought I might be pressing down to hard once and I find that if I don’t press down all the aw to the fingerboard there is just this wispy sound that occurs and after I posted this I practiced and when playing first second and third on the A and first and second on D don’t sound so bad (I’ve been busy so I hadn’t practiced in a few days) but they still don’t sound beautiful the E is where its the worst and I got my violin for 40 dollars off amazon sometime last summer I can’t remember when exactly when I took it to the music store to get it tuned they told me it wasn’t bad quality

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    I was having the same problem. Thanks!

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