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    It would be great if we can connect violin players from the same part the world. To learn together or just play violin together.
    If we can have a dedicated topic where people can say where they are from and so meet up with other violinist in their areas.

    What do you think?

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    I think its important to have others to practice with and to help also with our mistakes

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    Dianne Adkins

    It’s nice to find a group, like a youth or community symphony, in your area. If that’s not possible, call your local public school system to see if they have a string program you could participate in. If there are music stores in your area, you could ask there too. Sometimes they have bulletin boards to sell things, etc. You could even start a group of your own through an ad in the local paper. There’s also church and other social groups you could look into for performance experiences, like homes for the infirm or aged.

    Violin is definitely a social instrument. The orchestra has lots of them. And it’s fun (and pretty easy) to play in groups because you can carry your instrument around. Just think of pianists. Theirs is a lonely lot. 🙂

    Happy hunting for violin buddies! Feel free to give your locations as you feel comfortable. I’m in West Virginia!

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    Great advice Dianne thank you. I guess everyone has to meet then at the pianists house 😉
    I am from South Africa, and to be honest we don’t have a lot of music shops around here that even sell violins. I will try the advice you have given.

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