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    Which books do everyone think are absolutely necessary reading for a violin/fiddle player? It could be books about learning to play, favourite go-to sheet music books, books about the history of violin or making of violin, fiction about a violin player, biography, etc. Anything – as long as it has a violin in it. I’d love to hear more.

    I’m pretty new to playing violin but so far my go-to books are:
    “First Lessons Violin” by Craig Duncan
    “Kelly Russell’s Collection – The Fiddle Music of Newfoundland and Labrador Volume 1” by Kelly Russell
    “Elementary Rudiments of Music” by Barbara Wharram

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    I liked Suzuki Violin Method. May be not because it is necessary. But because small children can learn “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” first.

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    Read this absolutely! Principles of violin playing and teaching by Ivan Galamian

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    Chris Guleff

    I have two excellent books to recommend:

    Violin Mastery, Interviewws with Heifetz, Aure, Kreisler and Others by Frederick H Martens, Dover Publications, 2006.

    Violin & Viola, Yehudi Menuhin and William Primrose – Yehudi Menuhin Music Guides – Kahn & Averill, London, 1991.

    Learning tips from the pros is always good.

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