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    Do you have a favorite place to practice or do you practice in the same place every time? I like to play out in the back yard when the weather is nice and I have found that I need to vary my locations otherwise I get rattled when I play in another place. Seems weird but true.


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    My bedroom. I’m learning by myself


    Christie Morehouse
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    Today, I practiced in the national forest near our home while my husband & grsnddon were out on the lake. Very sweet & peaceful, but kinda too humid for the violin. People told me they could hear the violin out on the lake.


    murakami sandy
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    me to, my house, im also learning by myself. and once a month at my friend’s place where we practice once a month.
    i’d love to practice in the montain, but its a bit far and there is always people around, im not quiet good enough to play in front of strangers.?


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    For me, favorite place is the music school. I use to go for an hour, you can use small practice classrooms. And is great, I don’t have to worry about the neighbors, and I have no other distractions. Now in summer they are closed, so I practice at home.


    Scott Adams
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    My office area at the front of our house is open to a “grand-ish” entryway with 20-foot ceiling and tiled floor. I find that this space really allows the instrument to open up and sing.


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    I practice in our dining room, near this computer. Last month it was in the spare bedroom, but my stepdaughter moved back in for a bit.


    Sary Miller
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    I’m so happy to hear other people playing outside — I find that Iam deeply attracted to spending time in the outdoors practicing. Admittedly, it’s not exactly the most resonant place, but being surrounded by nature aids in the meditative side of repetitive practice.


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    I practice in my bedroom where there is a nice big wide mirror on my dresser.


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    I practice in my bedroom, away from everyone. But I dream of playing in the mountains. Does that count?

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