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    Scott Adams

    Hey folks! I just got a new instrument which had a heavy guage Dominant E string on it, which did not match up well at all. I decided to try out the new(ish) Warchal spiral E string and it just came in the mail today. I got it on but haven’t yet had the chance to warm it up and play. I chose it based on the non-whistling quality and warm tone reported both by the manufacturer and other players. But it got me thinking, “everyone has their favorite E string.” So, what is yours? And why?

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    Scott Adams

    Quick follow-up: I got the chance to play on the string for a little while yesterday. Soooo much better than the Dominant heavy E. The string is somewhat softer under the finger, and I do like its tone much better. It still whistles some, but it’s probably my bow technique causing problems.

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    Dominant just started making a new type of E-string that reduces whistling/squeaking. It’s what I’m currently playing with and it has reduced my squeaks to 1/4 of what they were before. And I have no complaints about the tone.

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    I am always trying out E strings. I remember there was only ever one E string that I truly loved. It didn’t have any whistling, it’s tone matched the warm quality of my other strings and is sound was silky smooth. It was the one that had came on the violin I currently play and the seller told me it was a gold obligato E string but I have never had another gold obligato strings like it. In fact, I usually dislike them quite a lot.
    I currently play Larsen Tzigane strings, which I quite like but I intend to try out their virtuoso strings in the near future

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    I have usually used Pirastro Gold, but I would like a string with a warmer tone, so l am open to suggestions and recommendations.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Lenzner? it suits in my violin ..and very responsive i like to richness of the tone and the sweetness. I am satisfied

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    Scott Adams

    Hey folks! I’ve been testing out a handful of new strings. Here’s some feedback. I also have a Pirastro Gold Label and Lenzner Goldbrokat 26 left to test out.

    Dominant E (heavy gauge): LOUD. Whistles easily. Gritty-sounding and hard to get clear and focused sound. Tone degrades even more the higher up you play.

    Warchal Amber E (coiled, medium gauge): Good projection. Really complex overtone spectrum. Resists whistling. A little overwhelming for my particular instrument and string combination. “Straightened” coil has a somewhat-odd feel under the bow. It gets more noticeable when playing with greater bow pressure.

    D’Addario Kaplan Wound E (medium gauge): Soft under the fingers. A bit less ringing than plain wire E strings, but doesn’t whistle at all. There’s an odd mixture of sweet and gritty sound in this string. I believe the grit comes from the extra friction from the string’s winding and is mostly heard right under the ear instead of carrying to listeners. I really want to like it, but it’s an odd string.

    Hill (medium gauge): Very full tone. Clean under the ears without much bow noise. I wouldn’t call it bright or warm – neutral. This one fits under the umbrella of “what a good E string should sound like.” Really nice, clear and projecting sound in the upper positions. Even though it’s a standard wire E string, It doesn’t easily whistle.

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    Etakon Israel

    I don’t hear my ringing notes due to the strings i am using.

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